Safal Steel

Our Vision

To be Africa’s premier provider of coated steel coils for roofing and building solutions.

Our Values:

S – Stakeholder care with uncompromising integrity A – Attitude of gratitude towards community and the environment F – Focus on creativity and innovation A – Adaptability to the changing business environment L – Lively and dynamic work culture

Our Facilities

Our state of the art coating facility incorporates a pickling line, a cold rolling mill, an Aluminium-Zinc coating line and a colour coating line. A number of support lines and services have also been installed, including an Acid Regeneration Plant, Rewind and Trim Line, a Nitrogen Generation Plant, a Hydrogen Generation Plant, a Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser, an Effluent Treatment Plant and a Sewerage Treatment Plant. These additional supports assist Safal Steel in the challenge of maintaining environmental friendliness.

Our Process

Safal Steel purchases Hot Roll Coils (HRC) from a variety of the Safal Group’s current global suppliers, the majority is bought from Nippon Steel Sumitomo Metal Corporation. The HRC coils are firstly cleaned through a fully automated Pickling Line to remove any mill scale. The cleaned coils are then Cold Rolled to a variety of gauges ranging from 0,25mm to 0.8mm. Thereafter the coils are once again cleaned and then coated with an alloy of Aluminium Zinc in the metal coating process (55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc 1.5% Silicon). This is sold to our customer base as ZincAL®. A further process involves the painting of the coils, in various paint systems suited for the applicable environment. This is then sold to market as COLORPLUS® or OPTIMA PLUS® or OPTIMA®.

Our Quality

Safal Steel produces coated steel to world-class standards. All our products undergo regular and extensive quality assurance tests during manufacture. • Trained quality inspectors are present through production phases • Hardness, tensile and yield tests are performed regularly • Coating performance is tested, including paint thickness • Salt spray testing and UV exposure (artificial weather testing) BEE Certificate